March 2017
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US Stock Oscillator Moving Average Convergence Divergence Scan for 2/27/2017

February 28, 2017 Oscillator Moving Average Convergence Divergence MACD is a popular trend following momentum indicator that shows the relationship of two moving averages of prices action; the MACD line and signal line. Four MACD Signals: Crossovers – Sell Strategy, MACD crosses below the signal line. Buy Strategy, MACD rallies above the signal line. It […]

Moses Trade Blog | Singapore Stock Golden Agri Resources Stock Chart and Support and Resistance

February 12, 2017 Welcome to Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis @  The last time we study PEC stock. Let’s relook at Golden Agri Resources again. Golden Agri Resources Stock Chart and Support and Resistance   We see the stock price breakout of resistance and the price action pullback to test the support. Do you buy support or buy […]

Twelve (12) Months Mapletree Commerciasl Trust Daily | Moses Stock Analysis

January 21, 2017 Welcome to Moses’s Stock Analysis at If you have been following the site here, you will probably notice that the recent post we emphasize a lot on the MACD indicator. In fact, MACD is a leading indicator, it signal a possible change in trend direction. It gives the trader a lot of […]

Free MACD Scan | December 28, 2016 One-day US Stock MACD Scan | Moses Stock Column

December 29, 2016 Free US Stock MACD Scan December 28, 2016  – Script Generated One-day US Stock MACD Signals Today, has more bearish MACD signals than bullish.     The following are script generated One-day US Stock Market MACD signals using the Powerful AmiBroker’s AFL. Results of US Stocks MACD Scan 1) Range Between 10 Dollars to […]

Free Moses MACD Scan | Singapore Stock December 19, 2016 One-day Scan

December 28, 2016   Moses Stock Scan – Singapore Stocks   MACD Scanner scans Singapore stock market and picks 17 stocks on market closed December 19, 2016. These stocks pass the scanning criteria for volume exceeding 500K and price closed above 35 cents. Out of 17 stocks picked 3 stocks have bullish signal, and the rest […]

Ask World | Santa Rally | ^IXIC | NASDAQ Composite |

December 28, 2016   The Ask World – Ask and You will be Answered   Many learn by asking question. In fact, this is because everything you need to learn is already inside you. Asking question is like a key to your knowledge database, just go in to pull it out for you.   The […]

Continue Lesson on MACD | ABCD Chart Pattern | SNE | Moses Stock Desk

November 3, 2016   LESSON SNE Sony Corporation Daily, MACD and ABCD Chart Pattern Let’s continue to take a look at last twelve months of data from today and learn the MACD and ABCD Chart Pattern. You see, many of the chart pattern, and indicators are through years of observation and experience. And each trader […]

Lessons on MACD | SNE | Moses Stock Desk

November 3, 2016   Just Be Prepared and Be Happy! After the votes have cast and counted, there is only one president. Either one will win, there will be happiness and sadness, but the country of US will return to normal again. The world will learn to accept the new leader. Every election is a […]

CA | CA Inc Stock Analysis | 34 EMA Wave | Moses US Stock Analysis

November 3, 2016   CA | CA Inc Daily and 34 EMA Wave       Have fun! Moses US Stock Desk  Disclaimer: The discussion here is for educational purposes only. All information, data, symbols and trading ideas discussed by the author or authors are for demonstration or illustration purposes only and are not recommendations. […]

Fortune | BOJ Delays Timeline Inflation Target | ^N225

November 2, 2016   BOJ Delays Timeline for Japan Inflation Target – 2% BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda sees Medium- to long-term inflation expectations remained weak. World economic can not be an island by itself, everything is link. If the rest of world is weak, can you be strong when you are exporting your goods, technology, information […]

AAPL | Apple Inc Stock Analysis | Moses Stock Column

November 1, 2016     Don’t Say We Did Warn You   Either you take profit and stay aside and watch or prepare yourself to ride the US’ roller coaster for the next thirty days. So, have fun!   The chart will be somewhat interesting for the next thirty days, worldwide. Starting from the US […]

TWTR | Twitter Inc Analysis |

31 October 2016 TWTR | Twitter Inc Daily and 21 EMA Wave The wave is not smooth, and very choppy. The wave or moving average become very effective. Be aware.       TWTR | Twitter Inc Daily and MACD MACD signals the weakness of price action. You can see the confirmation for other indicators such […]

NKE | Nike Inc Stock At Major Support | AmiBrokerAcademy

30 October 2016   Are we looking at major support at the 52 or 51 level for Nike? The stock may be in a short-term, till November 8 support before the price breakout again. NKE | Nike Inc Daily and MACD MACD signal shows the strength strengthen, but can the support hold the fall, the falling […]

OCBC | O39 | Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Stock Analysis | Wave | MACD

30 October 2016 After analyse the other two major local banks, it is time to analyse OCBC. O39 | Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation OCBC Weekly The price can not break any higher, and also can break any lower. The price stop somewhere near what twelve months ago price. See another chart for details.     O39 […]

FB | Facebook Inc Stock Analysis | A Big Down Bar | Why?

October 28, 2016   FB | Facebook Inc and 34 EMA Wave 34 EMA Wave is pointing at two o’clock. Price is ready to move sideways, true or true? Price is pullback near the wave.   Facebook Inc | FB and MACD Can you spot MACD signal? Divergence, trend ending? Moses US Stock Desk  Disclaimer: The […]

BA Boeing Company Daily | 26-October-2016 | Wave | MACD | Gartley

27 October 2016   Technical Analysis TA can only project a possible price level. Remember, the key word is POSSIBLE. As how and when, it will all depending on the event. In this example here, we see the sentiment, drive the momentum so the price hit the target.   The following is extract from Bloomberg […]

PEP | Pepsico Inc Stock Analysis | MACD | Wave | AmiBrokerAcademy

26 October 2016   PEP Pepsico Inc Daily and MACD MACD Cross-up Zeroline, is a bullish signal. Potentially the trend will be bullish. But, see the downside too. It can also has the ABCD Chart pattern just plotted at the chart. Be aware.           PEP Pepsico Inc Daily and Wave This is […]

A | Agilent Technologies Inc Stock Analysis | Moses US Stock Analysis

25 October 2016 All stocks seem to come to a important level, and stop forming higher high and higher low. Why? Everyone is focus on the November 8. Will see. Agilent Technologies Inc A Weekly Charting Ending the uptrend? True or true? If we have a bar, or bars to close below the last higher […]

Step By Step | AFSD | Aflac Incorporated 5.5% | Moses US Stock Analysis

October 25, 2016   AFSD Aflac Incorporated 5.5% Subord Just pick this stock and start reading the chart. and ask yourself, should I buy or sell for this stock. Remember we discussed about training wheels earlier. Please begin to learn to read the chart. Reading chart, is simple. What you see? We see the price […]

Wave MACD and AAPL | Apple Inc Stock Analysis | Moses US Stock Desk

22 October 2016   Finally, Samsung has agreed to recall the 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 after number of reports. However, Galaxy Note 7 is not the first phone to catch fire. Since 2004, there is report on phone battery explosions. In 2009, Nokia recalled 46 million phone batteries. Read story here, Note 7’s Death Leaves […]