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Market Volatility and Fears From 1993 | VIX | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

July 30, 2017 Market Volatility  Let study the market fears from 1992. See monthly chart below, VIX. ^VIV and NASDAQ Composite Index Benchmarking See chart for more, picture worth a thousand words.   When there is a spike in VIX, it means there is a probability of a global  sell off. VIX is a forward looking. […]

Can History Repeat Itself | Stock Markets 1996 to 2004 | Moses Stock Analysis

May 15, 2017  Can the history repeat itself? For pattern recognition, you always look back to find possible pattern that may be repeat itself.  Can DJI NASDAQ Fail in 2017? Both DJI and NASDAQ are high, very high now. What to continue to push before a pullback. Will the pullback a big one. Who know? As […]

United States Stock History 1995 to 2004 at a Glance | Moses Stock Analysis

May 15, 2017   If you are a pattern guy, you will always looking out for pattern resembling the past and bet the history will repeat itself. As we are all human being, we remember.   Can DJI and NASDAQ Fail 2017? It is just too high to be imagine the market are so good.  […]

NASDAQ Composite MACD and Fibonacci | US Stock Analysis

February 10, 2017 Moses Stock Trading Blog Site – AmiBrokerAcademy.com Thank you for visiting the amibrokeracademy.com blog site. No one like us doing analysis like what you read here. Welcome to Moses’s US Stock Analysis @ AmiBrokerAcademy.com.   Trade what you see. ^IXIC NASDAQ Composite and MACD Indicator   NASDAQ Composite tail touch 61.8%, and bounce up.  The price […]

US Stock NASDAQ Composite Index | January 25, 2017

January 26, 2017   US Stock NASDAQ Composite Index   Stock Analysis – US Stock Benchmark – ^IXIC US Stock NASDAQ Composite Index Charting With key levels marked. Can this help in plan your trading strategy? Data from Yahoo! Finance. Let study the following one of the US key market index for the 2017. Can the trend continue to hold high? Will see. […]

Major Top NASDAQ Composite | ^IXIC | Moses Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

January 2, 2017   Moses US Stock Analysis What’s Next in 2016 after 1.618? NASDAQ Composite hits major top, at 1.618 level. True? Will see. ^IXIC | NASDAQ Composite Weekly Chart and Fibonacci Level NASDAQ is position at 1.618 level, a critical level. See chart for more.                 […]

^IXIC | NASDAQ Composite Daily | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

November 18, 2016   US Stock Analysis Every week there are lesson to be learn. What have you learnt this week.   Topping? | ^IXIC | NASDAQ Composite Daily ABCD Chart Pattern is a very simple chart pattern, connect the swing high to swing low or vice verse, you will get the first AB swing. […]

^IXIC | NASDAQ Composite After November 9

November 10, 2016 NASDAQ Composite is going to be the all time high. The market must be ready.   ^IXIC | NASDAQ Composite Daily Chart Picture worth a thousand words. Is the market ready another topping? Will see.                               Have fun! […]

NASDAQ Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

Welcome!   We have study the Asia market such as Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index, Hang Seng Index, and Nikkei 225. Let take a look at US stock market, NASDAQ. What is the NASDAQ Composite has performed so far.   NASDAQ Composite Let superimposed the River. We can easily see the Price action bouncing off […]

NASDAQ Composite Return to 5000 after Fifteen Years

March 4, 2015 Moses US Stock Analysis Technology and Price With the network connectivity such as Internet, technology such as powerful server, data base and complex programming result have changes the landscape of trading. Today, the market react to economic news in a fraction of second. This is also resulting into sometimes it is impossible […]

Buy and Hold is Dead!

October 29, 2014   For many years, money managers, portfolio manager, investment manager and brokers have asked you to stay invested; you will make money in the long run. True? Is this true? Many will cite you the success story of Warren Buffett. Unfortunately, this has not been true for quite some time. See the […]