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Charting | AUE | Golden Energy and Resources | Singapore Stock | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

December 10, 2017     Singapore Stock Analysis   AUE Golden Energy and Resources and Support Resistance Can you spot the support turns resistance? Not easy and yet easy, take any low or support on the left and look right and see any resistance. We like to add the MHML, Month High Month Low to […]

Charting | BIX | Ellipsiz Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

December 3, 2017      Singapore Stock Analysis       BIX Ellipsiz and Channel You see the stock price have flip from about 35 cents to above 85 cents in less than a year. A fifty cent jumps. It is rare. This stock was almost gone private at one stage.     Powerful Chart […]

Moving Average | C61U | Capitaland Commercial Trust | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

December 2, 2017      Singapore Stock Analysis       C61U Capitaland Commercial Trust and Wave Count Wave Count, we normally reference to Elliott Wave. To trade just using Elliott Wave may not be an easy task. The Wave Count gives you the trend and direction, but if you can combine with other methods […]

K75 Koh Brothers Group and Technical Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

November 18, 2017   How to Read Stock Chart Do you know how to read stock chart? K75 Koh Brothers Group and Chart   What goes up will come down, but no must come down? The only different is where is the group level. Don’t get me wrong that this down will go lower. The […]

AIG American International Group and Moving Average | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

September 14, 2017         AIG American International Group and 34 MA Band Picture worth a thousand words, see chart for more. Price cross below 34 MA Band, and stay below MA.         Thanks for visit the site here. You could also find free MACD scan here in this site […]

CH8 China Sunsine Chem Holdings Share Price | Big Cup and Handle | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

August 6, 2017     CH8 China Sunsine Chem Holdings and Resistance Turns Support – Data From 2008 to 2017 See chart for more, picture worth a thousand words.   This is just another example to illustrate the power of Support Resistance. The following chart we draw boxes to aid the visual on the high […]

S20 Straits Trading Co Charting | Moses Stock Analysis

April 9, 2017 Welcome to Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis @ AmiBrokerAcademy.com.  S20 Straits Trading Co and Price Action Price is continue to form the higher low. The price pullback and got supported. The price rebounced. S20 Straits Trading Co and MACD Indicator   We see divergence, the price trend ending. Watch it. S20 Straits Trading Co and […]

AmiBrokerAcademy.com Trade Blog Site – Wheelock Properties MACD and 34 EMA Wave

January 29, 2017 Top Singapore Trading Blog Site – AmiBrokerAcademy.com Thank you for your visit. No like us, keep doing analysis. We at AmiBrokerAcademy.com just like you to appreciate our effort and share it with your friend. Welcome to Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis @ AmiBrokerAcademy.com.  Wheelock Properties Daily and MACD Indicator We can spot clear leg 1, leg […]

Santa Rally | BABA | Alibaba Group Holding Since IPO

December 28, 2016   Moses US Stock Analysis     Alibaba, the Hangzhou base company again return to Notorious Markets with reported counterfeit and piracy. Read story from Bloomberg, Alibaba Again Named ‘Notorious Market’ in Blow to Overseas Push. See the stock from IPO till present. Alibaba Group Holding Limited, BABA Since IPO The stock price […]

N21 | Noble Group Limited Stock Analysis | Moses Stock Analysis

November 20, 2016 Singapore Stock – N21 – CDL Hospitality Trusts   N21 | Noble Group Limited Daily Moving Average is a great visual tool for trade planning. When price action is bounced off the MAs, the trend is bullish.  It will be lower risk in buy when supported by MA. Moses Stock Desk AmiBrokerAcademy.com  Disclaimer: The discussion here […]

AAWW | Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings and Moving Average | AmiBrokerAcademy

November 12, 2016   By having a good winning trade, and some may end up to have Dunning–Kruger effect. This is not to pouring cold water on head. This is just to remind you to balance your trades.   Many traders may have got US election occupying the hearts, minds and trades. So, how did the results […]

Wave | ^DJI | Dow Jones Industrial Average | AmiBroker Academy.com

16 October 2016   We do not recommending anything Remember, we do not recommending anything. Just passing along what we read from chart.   Moving Average is a great visual tool in charting. Two Moving Averages that make up from the High and Low will give even a greater visual effect. Have fun! Fibonacci Sequence The wave […]

^NZ50 Bullish | Index Continue to Stay Above Moving Average

October 4, 2016   ^NZ50 Stock Chart Moving Average Rock, the index is bullish as the index continue to remain above the MAs.       Have fun! Moses Stock Analysis AmiBrokerAcademy.com Disclaimer: All information, data and material contained, presented, or provided on amibrokeracademy.com is for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed […]

^NYA | NYSE Composite Charting | Bulls Are Weak | AmiBrokerAcademy

October 1, 2016   NYSE Composite Charting with MACD Moving Average is Rock! Price above MA is bullish! Price below MA is bearish! MACD is Rock too! It signals the trend change! Picture worth a thousand words.                                 NYSE Composite […]

^STI | Straits Times Index September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016   September 30, 2016 Straits Times Index Charting Singapore stocks benchmark, Straits Times Index, ^STI has been moving sideways. Index has been near moving average, 20 MA. Is it time to buy? Chart worth a thousand words. See chart for more. A close up look, you will find the index is still […]

F34 | Wilmar International Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy

22 September 2016   F34 Wilmar International Stock Analysis ABCD chart pattern is a very powerful measure on where may price ended. Picture worth a thousand words, my analysis, wait for the price to pullback test the brown line before go long. The price action is bearish generally. The trend is continued to form the […]

0992.HK Lenovo Group Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy

September 5, 2016   ABCD Chart Pattern, Moving Average, MACD Indicator are great charting tool. It helps to identify the price direction.   ABCD Gartley Chart Pattern provides a clue where will the price move and may end. But all setup can fail.   Moving Average When price action below moving average, we know that […]

Apple Inc Stock Price Ending the Downtrend | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

September 5, 2016   Ending the Downtrend 20 MA crosses below 50 MA, and 50 MA crosses below 100 MA, the price crosses below 20 MA and 50 MA and continues to bounce off and below the MA. Now the price action get resisted by 100 MA. Besides that MACD convergence, may signal the end […]

S41 Hong Leong Finance Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

September 3, 2016   S41 Hong Leong Finance Stock Charting Price bounces off and below moving average, MA. Bearish bias. Price action crosses 20 MA and resisted 50 MA. Price fail to move higher than the last high. Reversal fail.                               […]

S08 Singapore Post Limited Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

September 3, 2016   Trade with Eye Open Be very careful on good news, when everyone on one side of the market the market tends to move against them. To protect your money be very vigilant.   Good news are no good for the price. Be aware.       Indicators Indicator, such as moving […]