January 2017
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Major Top NASDAQ Composite | ^IXIC | Moses Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

January 2, 2017   Moses US Stock Analysis What’s Next in 2016 after 1.618? NASDAQ Composite hits major top, at 1.618 level. True? Will see. ^IXIC | NASDAQ Composite Weekly Chart and Fibonacci Level NASDAQ is position at 1.618 level, a critical level. See chart for more.                 […]

S&P 500 | ^GSPC Weekly Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

January 2, 2017 Moses US Stock Analysis Where will S&P 500 move in 2017? S&P 500 Weekly and Fibonacci Hitting 1.618 level soon. Check all major indexes, all are position in this critical level, 1.618. Why?                                  Moses Stock Desk […]

Ask World | Santa Rally | ^IXIC | NASDAQ Composite | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

December 28, 2016   The Ask World – Ask and You will be Answered   Many learn by asking question. In fact, this is because everything you need to learn is already inside you. Asking question is like a key to your knowledge database, just go in to pull it out for you.   The […]

iPhone 7 Launch | Apple Inc Stock Analysis | Moses US Stock Column

September 18, 2016   iPhone 7 Launch Can Apple return on the growth path, of course we mean the stock price? This is many of the analysis concern. For traders, the concern is can the stock make money? True or true? The features of the phone are just the features. Read the story on Bloomberg website, As […]

GOOG | Alphabet Inc | Moses US Stock Analysis

March 25, 2016   GOOG  Alphabet Inc Picture worth a thousand words, PA has retest the same high. PA has pulled back to test the support, the key level that resistance turn support. What will happen next with the current economy? Will see.                         […]

China Stock Market | SSE Composite Index | Moses’ Stock Analysis

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com.  China has become a spotlight of the world market. It is important to scan the China Stock Market to understand the market trend.     China Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index Scan   From June 2015, the China market has been on a bearish trend. within a month the SSE Composite Index […]

Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Analysis | Moses’ China Stocks Scan

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com. China Stock Market has been the talk of the town recently. As Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite has been on the descenting trend. The Authority had try intervention to stop the market falling to increase the traders confident. See chart for details.  Chart worth a thousand words. Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite The retracement for the index […]

July 14, Straits Times Index Analysis | Moses Stocks Scan

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com.   July 14, 2015 Straits Times Index Analysis and Fibonacci We expect the index to be resisted by River and fall, target 127%. Will see.                                       You can read about other Singapore Stocks daily […]

Golden Agri Resources | E5H | Singapore Stock Analysis

April 9, 2014 Singapore Stocks Analysis Moses’s Stocks Corner at amibrokeracademy.com. Golden Agri-Resources Ltd, E5H Yesterday, April 9, Golden Agri Resources, stock code E5H has the top volume in the MACD Stocks Scan result. It was traded 127,082 K in volume and carried a MACD Cross-up signal. The price closed $ 0.61. It has a big […]