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Nobel Group Stock Scan | Singapore Stocks Analysis

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 Noble Group Limited N21 Stock Scan

June, July, September 2014 PA has test, retest the high three times before it started to drift south.

See chart, the PA has started to move near the River. You have to trade opportunities, one is buy when price crosses and bounces up River, second trade opportunity is to sell when price get rejected by the River.

If you plan to catch the falling knife, it better to wait for PA to bounce above River. Even if you will catch the falling knife, you should be trade with eyes open; there are may possible significant level to slow the raising move.

June 16, 2015 Noble Group Limited N21

June 16, 2015 Noble Group Limited N21

Trade Strategy

General guideline, buy when price action bounce above River, sell when price rejected by River.

Only enter buy after price near support and completed bullish chart pattern (candlestick), and sell when the price is near resistant and price action completed bearish chart pattern.

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