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Z74 Singtel Quarter and Year High Low Charting | Moses Stock Analysis

January 18, 2018

Singapore Stock Analysis

Powerful Chart Software – AmiBroker

The following chart is produced using AmiBroker charting software. It is a powerful chart software. You plot the stocks you are interested all in one chart, as long as you still could read them. See chart below. Thereafter slowly climb up, step by step.

Z74 Singtel Quarter and Year High Low 

Singtel Charting. This stock is very difficult to trade, why, you see the boxes almost cover the whole chart, the bigger timeframe, year high low. In other words form the high timeframe, not much information is given, although you still can identify the bullish or bearing by seeing the step up and step down.

In order to find trade, you need to move down to the lower timefram, in our case here, the quarter. Again, you the the boxes flying up and down, very choppy. In this case you have to trade very carefully and watch the chart more often, to get in on time and get out quick.

Have fun!


January 16, 2018 Singtel Quarter and Year High Low

Z74 Singtel and MACD

Use a different tool such as MACD indicator, we can see much better, we see the price keeps forming lower low and lower high, but the MACD signals just forming hing low. So, it gives you a clue that the trend might be ending. 

The stock price try to breakout higher than 4 dollars but fail to succeed, test again, and started to decline. The price fail through 3.70, but manage the regain the strength before hit 3.65. However, after the final try to test 4, but again fail. This time round, the stock price breakout below 3.65 and then 3.60. Will the price continue to fail through the ground. Hopefully not, as the MACD indicator signals a likely trend change.

Will see. Have fun!


January 16, 2018 Singtel and MACD







The above result is for illustration purpose. It is not meant to be used for buy or sell decision. We do not recommend any particular stocks. If particular stocks of such are mentioned, they are meant as demonstration of Amibroker as a powerful charting software and MACD. Amibroker can program to scan the stocks for buy and sell signals.

These are script generated signals. Not all scan results are shown here. The MACD signal should use with price action. Users must understand what MACD and price action are all about before using them. If necessary you should attend a course to learn more on Technical Analysis (TA) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence, MACD.

Once again, the website does not guarantee any results or investment return based on the information and instruction you have read here. It should be used as learning aids only and if you decide to trade real money, all trading decision should be your own.