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Trapped Bulls | Dow Analysis | Moses Stock Analysis

April 3, 2017


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Remember, trading is not a get rich fast business like many have advertised. It needs a lot of hard work and good money and risk management.

Those whom have bought or invest in stock in the last one months or so, majority of them will have to wait longer to be profitable, in other words they have been caught in a trapped, a bull trapped. In simple English, is in a losing position.

We have seen DJI gaps had been covered, now the trend may be catching up gap near 20,000 level.

You can check DJI chart for more. DJI represent a collective of thirty stocks.


Wise Traders

It is always wise to ask whether this is the final top in the stock market before you jump in. Professional traders buy on pullback to achieve buy low sell high. 

Next time, when you see a significant dip for more than two percent, you should always be on your toe. Okay!

This is pretty good assessment to check the possibly topping, means the other direction is good for now.


Dow Jones Industrial Average Bull Trapped

March 31, 2017 Dow Jones Industrial Average Trapped Bulls











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Moses US Stock Analysis



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