December 2017
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Apple News | Apple Stock Analysis |

January 8, 2017   Gazing Crystal Ball and Planing the 2017 Trade “Almost since the birth of Apple Inc., critics have declared it was headed in the wrong direction.” read news from The Wall Street Journal Why Apple’s Critics Are Right This Time for details. “… In 1997, when the company was 90 days from bankruptcy […]

Safety First | Start of the Slow Down | AmiBroker

17 October 2016 Quote of the Day Safety First! If you are a first time trader, ignore all the reading here and go back to your Guru and follow his trading guidance. Many of the trading analysis may not be suitable for you. Because we do not recommend anything here. We just passing along what […]

Drop in Palm Oil Production Due to El Niño | E5H | Golden Agri Resources

March 20, 2016 Welcome to Moses Stock Analysis.   Watchlist – Golden Agri Resources We said keep Golden Agri Resources in the watch list. As MACD gives some cue. Golden Agri Resources was around thirty cents for sometime. Picture Worth a Thousand Words, in fact there were fundamental reason. A report made by sph reporter […]

PCP | Precision Castparts Corporation | Moses’ US Chart Analysis

Welcome to This website here uses powerful charting software AmiBroker for charting and analysis. Picture Worth a Thousand Words Many of the answer are in the additional lines and comments on the chart. See chart for more information.     Scenario 1: PCP Precision Castparts Corporation Stock Analysis with Moving Averages Picture worth a thousand […]