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Moses Trade Blog | Stock Analysis | China Composite Index ^SSEC

February 11, 2017 Moses Stock Trading Blog Site – Thank you for visiting the blog site. No one like us doing analysis like what you read here. Welcome to Moses’s Stock Analysis @   Trade what you see.   While we analyse the VIX for US market, we would also like to check how […]

Shanghai Stock Analysis | ^SSEC Data From 1987 to 2017 |

January 10, 2017   Stock Analysis – China Stock Benchmark – ^SSEC Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Monthly Chart – Data from 1987 to 2017 Connecting the low, and you will see the line, trendline is slopping up, an up trending. Whatever those below the line was trapped bears.     Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Monthly […]

China Stock Analysis Benchmark Dow |

January 10, 2016   Stock Analysis – China Stock Analysis China Economy Benchmark – Shanghai SSE Composite Index After reaches the peak at end November last year, the index start to tumble down. Breakout below a resistance turn support. But the index come back to retest the major level again but fail to breakout. But just […]

^SSEC | Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index |

December 7, 2016 Taiwan Stock Analysis   China Index | ^SSEC | Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index  MACD Indicator China Index is on an uptrend. However, MACD Histogram has showed weakness in strength. So be aware. What is the gaped down and doji candlestick mean? We see ABCD chart pattern too? In short, MACD is a lead indicator for […]

ABCD Chart Pattern | ^SSEC | Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index

November 26, 2016 Shanghai Stock Analysis Shanghai Index | ^SSEC | SSE Composite Index Weekly Chart ^SSEC hits the low in low in January 27, and retest the low again in February 29. You can find many ABCD Chart patterns.      ^SSEC | SSE Composite Index Daily Chart Moses Stock Desk  Disclaimer: The discussion here […]