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Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis – January 4, 2017 The Straits Times Index

Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis – January 4, 2017 The Straits Times Index   Welcome to Moses’s Stock Scan at AmiBrokerAcademy.com.  This is January 4, 2017, the economy benchmark, The Straits Times Index closed at 2921.31 points, another 22.34 points higher than the last closed.  Can the momentum continue? Will see! STI has breakout from 34 EMA Wave! Technical Analysis […]

Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis | Healthway Medical Corp Limited

Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis | Healthway Medical Corp Limited Has Healthway Medical Corp completed the double bottom? Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis, Healthway Medical Corp, 5NG analysis, the double bottom. The price moved up quite strong.     Technical Analysis For technical analysis, you trade what you see and not what you think. Monitor the chart and trade with caution. Moving […]

Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis | January 3, 2017 The Straits Times Index

Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis – January 3, 2017 The Straits Times Index Welcome to Moses’s Stock Scan at AmiBrokerAcademy.com.  This is January 3, 2017 the first Singapore stock analysis for the new year, 2017. The economy benchmark or stock market benchmark, Straits Times Index closed at 2898.97 points, another 18.21 points higher than the last closed.  Can the momentum […]

^STI | The Straits Times Index November 9, 2016

November 9, 2016   This is what Singapore market reflect the level of impact from the US Presidential Election. Picture worth a thousand words. See chart for details. The Straits Times Index Daily Chart   Moses Singapore Stock Desk AmiBrokerAcademy.com  Disclaimer: The discussion here is for educational purposes only. All information, data, symbols and trading […]

^STI | The Straits Times Index From December 1992 and More | ABCD Pattern

November 7, 2016   2016 is a Great Year There were many things happen this year, just in Financial world, Brexit and the coming US Presidential Election.   Let’s have a look at Singapore stock market. We will study the chart from December 1992 to present, and 2015 till now. It is important to keep […]

Weak Bulls | Wave | MACD | U11 | United Overseas Bank Limited Stock Analysis

23 October 2016   U11 United Overseas Bank Limited Weekly Chart and Wave It’s still downtrend, as we see lower high and lower low. Price retest the same level for a few times, to ensure the ground is solid enough. True or true?? Will see.     United Overseas Bank Limited U11 Daily and MACD […]

Gartley | E5H | Golden Agri Resources | Moses Stock Desk

October 7,   Have you making money with this stock? Very difficult. Manage your risk, money management. Many could have got your money lock by this stock.   Few weeks ago, we had have a look at Golden Agri. However, the price went ranging. See posting on September for more.   Let’s see the chart […]

OUE Limited | LJ3 Stock Analysis | Singapore Stocks | Moses

September 28, 2016   On Setember 19, we posted an analysis for OUE. We see potential bullishness. If you have read the posting here, you could have notice this stock. Well, will try again next time.   Read the September 19 posting for more, http://www.amibrokeracademy.com/amibroker/lj3-oue-limited-stock-and-trend-analysis-amibrokeracademy/. OUE Limited LJ3 Daily Stock Chart Moving Average (MA) is a […]

KJ9 | Cogent Holding Stock Analysis | Moses Singapore Stock Analysis

September 24, 2016   KJ9 Cogent Holdings Stock Analysis When the price already high will you buy? Buy high and sell higher. We use Cogent Holding as an example.   Unless you have a good reason to justify, otherwise you should not try – to buy high and sell higher.   There are number of […]

Buy or Sell | Straits Times Index for Next Few Weeks | AmiBroker Academy

September 16, 2016   Buy Or Sell Can All Be Wrong – Stop Out! Straits Times Index ended the week in Doji candlestick. STI joined the rest of the AP and US stock markets in declined after open on Tuesday.   How to trade when look at STI chart? Trading in a ranging or sideways […]

As If It Were the Past | Straits Times Index | AmiBrokerAcademy

6 September 2016 Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past You see, the history repeat itself. The market always remember the past as if it were the past.                                 Moses Stock Analysis AmiBrokerAcademy.com Disclaimer: All information, data […]

MACD Bullish Divergence BMT New Silkroutes Group

August 28, 2016   MACD, Moving Average Convergence Divergence MACD, Moving Average Convergence Divergence is an leading indicator. No one believe! There are tones of example can prove the statement. The following will be just another one. You have to understand, MACD is just like traffic light or dark cloud and lighting. Do you stop […]

Three Drive Pattern | Golden Agri Resournce | Moses Singapore Stock Analysis

June 5, 2016   Golden Agri Resources Stock Analysis Was it any confused for you to see the Gartley 222 sell signal? If you have been following the website, you probably had read our analysis. In March 2016, we did an analysis and we saw there were opportunity for a Gartley 222 sell. The price stop […]

Drop in Palm Oil Production Due to El Niño | 5JS | Indofood Agri Resources

March 22, 2016 Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com.   Read more about palm oil output on the following link. Malaysia palm oil output to drop slightly in 2016, Indonesia up: Analyst El Nino Effect and Indofood Agri Resources Let’s benchmark all the palm oil or products related stocks on their performance. See Bumitama Agri, P8Z stock performance. Divergence, price […]

Golden Agri Resources | E5H | Is It Time for Reversal Buy

March 16, 2016 Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Moses Stock Analysis. Watchlist – Golden Agri Resources This was what we said, ‘… from the MACD we had the cue that the price action is potential changing direction. If so, hope the stock will start to walk out of it bearish trend for a long long time. …” […]

August 3 to 6 | Singapore Stocks Weekly MACD Scan Results | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com. You are here, because you want to know which stocks may move in the near term. The website provide free stock scan. The website uses the powerful charting software AmiBroker’s AFL to scan for stocks that have MACD signal. Singapore Holiday In Singapore, stocks market will be closed on Friday, August 7 […]

23 July Singapore Stocks MACDScan Result | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com. You are here, because you want to know which stock may move in the near term. The website uses AmiBroker the powerful charting software AFL. You will find a list of stocks that has the MACD signal. See below for more.   July 23 Singapore Stocks MACD Scan Results MACD stands for […]

Singapore Stocks Scan | Indofood Agri Analysis

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Thanks for reading the post here. Indofood Agri is one of the popular traded stock few years back. In trading either you buy or sell, as the price either travel north or travel south. The reason you buy or sell is because you see the chart pattern provide you the supporting information […]

SINARMAS LAND LIMITED | A26.SI | Moses’ Singapore Stock Analysis

March 8, 2015 SINARMAS LAND LIMITED operate residential, commercial, and industrial properties business in Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Singapore. Sinarmas land closed 0.835 on March 6, 2015 with 19,522K shares changing hand. 20, 50, 100 MA are wide open; PA is still very bullish.                       […]

Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd | Z59.SI | Moses’ Singapore Stock Analysis

March 8, 2015   Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd (Z59.SI) is an investment holding company, focus in Myanmar on property development, construction and piling services, project management, and design service.   March 6, share price closed at 0.430 with 9,698,900 shares changed hand.  With the 20 MA and River slopping down at 5 o’clock direction. It is […]