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Dow Jones Industrial Average Continue Forming Lower Low | Moses Stock Analysis

March 31, 2017 Moses Stock Trading Blog Site – AmiBrokerAcademy.com Thank you for visiting the amibrokeracademy.com blog site. No one doing analysis like what you read here. Welcome to Moses’s US Stock Analysis @ AmiBrokerAcademy.com.  Dow Jones Industrial Average Charting   Trend ending, DJI continues to form lower low. Will see. Remember, trading is not a get […]

Lower High | ME8U | Mapletree Industrial Trust Analysis | Moses Stock Analysis

24 October 2016 Property markets has been weak so far. How does the industry property?   ME8U Mapletree Industrial Trust Weekly Starting August the price keeps forming lower high, lower low. Should we catch a “falling knife”?       Have fun! Moses Singapore Stock Desk AmiBrokerAcademy.com  Disclaimer: All information, data and material contained, presented, […]

Twelve Months Low | Hong Kong Hang Seng Index

March 12, 2016 Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com. Price Action Lower in the Last Twelve (12) Months Picture worth a thousand words, Hong Kong Index, Hang Seng Index is forming a lower low. The low lower in last twelve (12) months.                               Moses […]

NYSE COMPOSITE Analysis | ^NYA | US Stocks Scan

Welcome to AmiBroker Academy dot com.   New York Stock Exchange Composite Analysis We are so excited that we found a great visual tool to help us identify the stock trend. Moving Average is a great tool for trend analysis. For shorter period such as 13 MA, 20 MA we sometime call them Fast MA. […]