August 2017
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Lesson | Trading is an Art and not Science | Support and Resistance

Lesson Trading is an Art! No one analyst will agreed with another. Just the simple support and resistance. A class of thirty analysts (a max of newbies and experienced traders) when ask to draw the support and resistance. You will not be surprise the results is no one, or two it can be as many […]

Lesson | What is MACD Scan |

  Lesson What is MACD Scan? MACD Scan searches our entire US Stocks database of seven thousands plus ticker symbols or Singapore stocks database of less than thousand ticker symbols and return only those symbols that meet your exact technical criteria. They are also sometimes referred to as “MACD Technical Screens” or “MACD Technical Filters.” At […]

Lesson Learnt |

November 19, 2016   Lesson Learnt As we said earlier, there were many lessons to be learned from recent US Presidential Election. The key one we want to highlight here is that you just never know. The whole world thought that Hillary would win, only a few didn’t. In fact, how could this really happened, it is […]

Identify potential stocks | Lesson | Moses Stock Desk

October 10, 2016 Identify Potential Stocks How do you identify stocks to buy? Many may got the stocks from the market gossiping. These are not scientific way to find potential stocks. Experience has shows us that those are being reported as good and potential stocks to buy are always ended up big loser. The answer is […]

Stock Trading is No Different From Running a Business

October 9, 2026   Stock trading is no different from running a business. Just like running a business, it requires a disciplined process to finding, researching, evaluate the potential candidates and execution. However, many has mistaken that trading is just simply buy low and sell high. In order to be able to do that you […]