March 2017
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Trump’s Infrastructure Project and Volatility Index ^VIX

February 13, 2017 Moses Stock Trading Blog Site – Thank you for visiting the blog site. No one like us doing analysis like what you read here. Welcome to Moses’s US Stock Analysis @  Two-thirds of Americans believes it is “very important” for President Donald Trump to keep to his campaign promise to enact […]

S & P 500 2017 |

February 3, 2017 Moses Stock Trading Blog Site – Thank you for visiting the blog site. No one like us doing analysis like what you read here. Let your friend know if you enjoy what you read here. Welcome to Moses’s US Stock Analysis @  Watch what you trade. Setup failure may well be coming up […]

US Stock S&P 500 Monthly Chart – Data from 1985 to 2017

January 24, 2017   Stock Analysis – S&P 500 Stock Benchmark – ^GSPC US Stock S&P 500 Monthly Chart – Data from 1985 to 2017 With key levels marked, in the current transition. Will this help in plan the new year trading strategy? Yo! yo! yo! (rock). Data from Yahoo! Finance. The chart was plotted at the start […]

S&P 500 | ^GSPC Weekly Analysis |

January 2, 2017 Moses US Stock Analysis Where will S&P 500 move in 2017? S&P 500 Weekly and Fibonacci Hitting 1.618 level soon. Check all major indexes, all are position in this critical level, 1.618. Why?                                  Moses Stock Desk […]

ABCD Chart Pattern | ^GSPC | S&P 500 |

November 27, 2016 US Stock Analysis Stocks Move Higher During Shortened Trading Week. The major stock market indexes moved higher during a trading week that was shortened by the Thanksgiving holiday. See S&P 500 example. US Index | ^GSPC | S&P 500 Daily There are many ABCD Chart Pattern, see chart for details. Moses Stock Desk  Disclaimer: […]

^GSPC | S&P 500 | ABCD Chart Pattern |

November 18, 2016 US Stock Analysis It is Still a Bull Market (remember only until it completed) You are lucky. Why? After many years, you might be look back and say I was young enough to see some of the great effects of the era. As we mentioned, one of the key lesson learnt in […]

^GSPC | S&P 500 Trend Analysis | Moses Stock Column

November 11, 2016   It’s a Balancing Act Doji, indecision for the last trade. What the market is worry about? The high is retesting the last high. This week episode looks like kicking your self-doubt in the butt. In case you miss taking profit, this is more than just market and technical analysis.  ^GSPC | […]

November 9, 2016 | S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 Stock Chart

November 9, 2016     S&P 500 Daily and 34 EMA Wave   Benchmark NASDAQ 100 and Brexit     ^NDX | NASDAQ 100 Daily Chart       Picture worth a thousand words. What can you get out of study the three charts above?         Have fun! Moses US Stock Desk […]

^GSPC | S&P 500 Travel South For the Last Two Weeks | Wow!

November 7, 2016   Technical Analysis and US Presidential Election This is great year, we had witness the history event of what happened on June 23, United Kindom and the world during the Brexit vote. We might be able to imagine or get an idea of what may happen on November 8 on US Presidential […]

The World Are One | S&P 500 and ^AXJO Chart Analysis

November 2, 2016   Picture Worth a Thousand Words S&P 500 and ^AXJO comparison make the world like one, make the traders are like one.         Have fun! Moses Stock Desk  Disclaimer: The discussion here is for educational purposes only. All information, data, symbols and trading ideas discussed by the author […]

S & P 500 | Second Biggest Day Slide After Brexit |

September 11, 2016   What Will Happen When Market Open on Monday? Next week is going to be very important. Should the markets open gapped down on Monday, September 12 and continue the momentum to go lower; this is going to be a big pull back. Watch Out!   Second Biggest Single Day Slide After June 24 Brexit […]

S&P 500 Brokeout of the High and Stay High

    S&P 500 The market has taken a new dimension. When you have nothing can be consider, what will you do? As an financial institution, you are task to make money for me. When everything are not clear, what will you do.                         […]

Standard and Poor’s | ^GSPC | Moses US Stock Analysis

March 6, 2016   Welcome to Moses Stock Analysis. Completed Double Bottom S&P 500 In our recent analysis, we saw Dow Jones Industrial Average is in the mode of changing direction; double bottom. See previous posting for details. If you will look at the S&P 500 chart, it had made the double bottom. Picture […]

Benchmarked Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard and Poor 500, and STI

July 19, 2014 Welcome to Moses’ Stock Analysis and Review Column Benchmarked Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard and Poor 500 Market is either move up or down beside sideway. Stock indexes are windows into the countries economy. Is this true? In order to benchmark the economy, stock indexes such as DJI, GSPC and other […]