February 2017
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Moses Trade Blog | Singapore Stock Golden Agri Resources Stock Chart and Support and Resistance

February 12, 2017 Welcome to Moses’s Singapore Stock Analysis @ AmiBrokerAcademy.com.  The last time we study PEC stock. Let’s relook at Golden Agri Resources again. Golden Agri Resources Stock Chart and Support and Resistance   We see the stock price breakout of resistance and the price action pullback to test the support. Do you buy support or buy […]

E5H Singapore Stock Golden Agri Resources Stock Analysis

February 2, 2017  Today is the sixth day of Chinese New year! Chinese celebrate fifteen days for Chinese New Year. Every day is a unique day for the new year.     Great Rooster! Weaky! Weaky! Today February 2, is the sixth day of Chinese New Year. Continue to wish all traders and their loved ones […]

Singapore Stock Golden Agri-Resources Analysis Update | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

January 20, 2017 Welcome to Moses’s Stock Analysis at AmiBrokerAcademy.com.  Golden Agri Resources Daily Update The stock was between 33 cents to 45 cents in 2016. Can the stock breakout higher, higher than 45 cents? Golden Agri has been retest the same level, 45 cents for three times.                   […]

Singapore Stock Analysis – Golden Agri-Resources

January 19, 2017 Singapore Stock Analysis | Golden Agri-Resources| AmiBrokerAcademy.com Welcome to Moses’s Stock Analysis at AmiBrokerAcademy.com.  Golden Agri Resources Weekly This is one of the hot traded stock, however the price has fallen from eighty cents till now forty cents, half. My man, those whom buy cheap and the stock get cheaper. For those do […]

AB = CD Chart Pattern | GoldenAgri Resources | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

January 13, 2017   Singapore Stock Analysis E5H | Golden Agri Resources Stock Analysis Price action bounce off the 34 EMA wave, 34 EMA Wave is pointing on between 2 to 3 o’clock direction. It is still bullish, except might me ranging. From an ABCD chart pattern, there is a potential up side and may reach between […]

Golden Agri-Resources | E5H | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

December 27, 2016   Moses Stock Analysis   Singapore Stock – Golden Agri-Resources   E5H | Golden Agri-Resources Weekly and Gartley Picture worth a thousand words, there is similar chart pattern, Gartley pattern. If all goes well, price action should close above the level. and meet the point D. Will see.         […]

E5H | Golden Agri-Resources Stock Analysis | MACD Signals | Gartley Pattern

November 10, 2016   E5H | Golden Agri Resources Weekly Chart and MACD Gartley ABCD Chart Pattern is a very useful and easy to apply chart pattern. See chart for more. You can also see a lot of MACD signal too for change in direction.               Moses Stock Desk […]

E5H | Golden Agri-Resources Data From 2012 | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

30 October 2016 E5H is a popular stock, unfortunately after the peak in 2012 the stock has never able to go higher any more. Why?   E5H | Golden Agri-Resources Weekly Chart Data From 2012 Buy and hold trading strategy can be a mistake for as such a stock.  It is important to learn how […]

E5H | Golden Agri Resources | Week is Still Young | AmiBroker Academy

19 October 2016 Example using E5H to show how to analyse the stock chart in various ways.   E5H Golden Agri Resources and MACD Support and resistance is always much easier to draw as compare to trend line. Support or resistance only need one turning, and trendline will need at least two turning points, either […]

Golden Agri Resources | E5H | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

16 September 2016   Golden Agri Resources Stock Chart Moving averages start to narrow, is this implied the price action is possible cross up? Will see. The price action bottoming, and change in trend. Price action forming higher high, and higher low. The price met the critical level and and ceiling. The price can go […]

E5H Golden Agri Resources | AmiBrokerAcademy

September 6, 2016   When Will Be the Bearish Trend End? Never trade the good news. This Singapore stock has been on the slopping down for a long time. Is the trend ending? We see the MACD convergence, signal the ending of the trend. But remember how often to stop at a traffic light when […]

E5H | Golden Agri Resources 2007 – 2016 | AmiBrokerAcademy

August 30, 2016   Early the year, we see majority of the stock was decline, but not for Golden Agri. However, if you were familiar Gartley chart pattern, you may choose to sell near the high after AB = CD. If so, you will probably laughing to the bank now. See link for the last analysis, […]

E5H Golden Agri Resources Stock Analysis | Moses Column

August 26, 2016 Price test 44 cents in March 2016, thereafter the price just keep sliding lower and lower. Moving Average is a great visual tool for charting. You can see after April, the price went under MA. Although the price went above MA, but can stay long. Now the price goes above MA again. Can […]

AB = CD Bearish Flag Pattern | Golden Agri Resources

  Golden Agri Resources Limited Share Price Chart You can easily identify bearish AB = CD chart pattern, work in progress bearish flag chart pattern. You can also easily see the price action is bearish, ie keep forming lower high and lower low. …   Only until the high is higher than the recent high; […]

E5H | Gartley 222 | Golden Agri Resources Stock Analysis

July 8, 2016   Supply and Demand Is that a over supply of the palm products? Is there a link between the products and stock price? Whatever the answer you may debate, but one thing for sure, there is a no demand in stock and resulting the stock price keeps fall lower. In July 2015, […]

E5H | Moses Golden Agri Resources Stock Analysis

Moses’ Analysis April 22, 2016   Golden Agri Resources Besides the fundamental reports and news on the company. When a trader start to buying in a bear trend and not waiting, it means the trader believe the market has stock the fall.   As a trader it is important point to note, every trade placed […]

Nearly Four Months Bullish Trend | Golden Agri Resources | E5H

April 1, 2016 Golden Agri Resources E5H In our last analysis, we commented price action resisted by equal distance channel. From the chart, we see the price action is retesting the same high. Besides that, the price action had nearly four months of bullish trend. Will you sell when you see the price action retesting […]

Trade What You See | Gartley 222 Sell Pattern | Golden Agri Resources

March 29, 2016   Golden Agri Resources E5H Price action resisted by equal distance channel. True or true? Picture worth a thousand words. Trade with what you see.                                         Moses Stocks Analysis and Scan Disclaimer: All […]

Drop in Palm Oil Production Due to El Niño | E5H | Golden Agri Resources

March 20, 2016 Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Moses Stock Analysis.   Watchlist – Golden Agri Resources We said keep Golden Agri Resources in the watch list. As MACD gives some cue. Golden Agri Resources was around thirty cents for sometime. Picture Worth a Thousand Words, in fact there were fundamental reason. A report made by sph reporter […]

Golden Agri | E5H.SI | Inverted Head and Shoulders

March 6, 2016 Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Moses Stock Analysis. We looked at Golden Agri Resources recently. Check it out. From the MACD we had the cue that the price action is potential changing direction. If so, hope the stock will start to walk out of it bearish trend for a long long time.   Picture […]