August 2017
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Hong Kong 2382.HK Sunny Optical Charting | Moses Stock Analysis

April 9, 2017 Welcome to Moses’s Stock Analysis @   We check on this stock, because of the signal pop up in our stock scan, our MACD Screening. No magic. We can’t read from the thin air. It is all scientific approach. Check the analysis that follows. Hong Kong 2382.HK Sunny Optical Charting and MACD Indicator Study […]

5ME | Ezion Holdings Stock Analysis |

January 7, 2017 Legs and trend. Trends normally have two legs. Singapore Stock Analysis   5ME | Ezion Holdings Limited Stock Analysis A down flow follows a pullback, a two legs pullback. A strong pullback consists of two legs move. The second leg consists of three  legs pullback. We see a double top.   ME […]

Ebay Inc Stock | Moses US Stock Analysis

February 28, 2016 Welcome to   Ebay Inc Double top, picture worth a thousand words. Ebay stock price was also influenced by China economy, true? It has the same decline line the China stocks market.                                 Moses US Stocks Analysis […]

UOB | United Overseas Bank Limited | Moses’ Stock Analysis

Welcome to This website uses powerful charting software AmiBroker for charting and indicators.   Picture Worth a Thousand Words Many of the answer are in the additional lines and comments on the chart. See chart for more information. Singapore Stock United Overseas Bank Limited Analysis Scenario 1:  A View from 2014 UOB United Overseas Bank […]

OV8 | Sheng Sion Group |

Welcome to This website here uses powerful charting software AmiBroker for charting and analysis. Sheng Sion Group Analysis Double top? Price action retest the same high. Wait for confirmation. It is still too early to confirm the double top.                                 Thanks […]

Wheelock Properties (S) Analysis | Moses Stocks Scan

Welcome to     Wheelock Properties (S) Ltd M35 Double top, price just cross the neckline. Price action may pull back and get resisted by neckline. Will see. Chart worth a thousand words.                                 You can read about other Singapore Stocks […]

Nobel Group Stock Scan | Singapore Stocks Analysis

Welcome to website.  Noble Group Limited N21 Stock Scan June, July, September 2014 PA has test, retest the high three times before it started to drift south. See chart, the PA has started to move near the River. You have to trade opportunities, one is buy when price crosses and bounces up River, second […]

Singapore Stocks Scan | StarHub Ltd Stock Analysis

Welcome to Thank you for visiting the website hope you find the discussion interesting. Have fun!   StarHub Ltd, Stock Code is CC3 StarHub retest the significant level for five times, the price action got supported by the same level. However, the price is below 20 MA, 50 MA and 100 MA see the […]

Free Moses Apple Inc Charts Analysis

Chart worth a thousand words. May 6, 2015 Chart Analysis   May 8, 2015 Chart Analysis Re-test the same high. Price Action supported by the neckline. Now which bias takes priority, bullish or bearish.   May 11, 2015 Chart Analysis     See other Apple Inc stock analysis posting for more details. 1)  Moses’ Apple […]