April 2017
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P52 Pan-United Stock Analysis | AmiBromerAcademy.com

What are or were your reason of trading? An efficient market is with countless of traders trade with thousands of different reasons. Interesting right? As for all buy order there is a sell order, otherwise there is no matching.   Therefore, bearish trend or market is due to more sellers than buyers. From a different […]

S&P 500 Brokeout of the High and Stay High

    S&P 500 The market has taken a new dimension. When you have nothing can be consider, what will you do? As an financial institution, you are task to make money for me. When everything are not clear, what will you do.                         […]

Bearish | Apple Inc

Apple Inc Price action did not close above the critical level. Price action also did not closed higher than the last high. The bearish trend is still very obvious. Not reversal insight. True or true.                               Moses Stock Analysis and Scan […]

BABA | Alibaba Group Holding | Moses US Stock Analysis

Alibaba Group Holding Picture worth a thousand words, PA has finally closed above a critical level. Only until a high is higher than the last high, to so hand on the  reversal.                                   Moses Stock Analysis and Scan AmiBrokerAcademy.com […]

Fail Double Bottom Golden Agri Resources

Golden Agri Resources Double Bottom, Gartlay Sell. Catch the AB = CD sell. The price got resisted by the 100 MA and started to fail. The price starts to move south. The price action was higher than the recent high. This is the hint of change in direction; reversal. Will see the price action can […]

Gartley 222 Sell | Golden Agri Resources | E5H | Moses Stock Analysis

March 25, 2016 Golden Agri Resources E5H Recently we have been study what Golden Agri Resources stock price had been performed; Golden Agri San. It is a good idea to analyse again the stock. If we add the element of Gartley 222 Sell, what will happen?                     […]

BABA | Alibaba Group Holding Limited | US Stock

March 17, 2016 Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com.                             “W”, Double Bottom – Alibaba BABA Although Alibaba in its initial public offer made a record high to-date; raised US$25 billion. But the stock price performance is very worrying, as there were too many reservations.  Is the stock […]

Dow Jones Industrial Average | ^DJI | Moses US Stock Analysis

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Moses Stock Analysis Column.  Dow Jones Industrial Average Dow Jones Industrial Average had join China Stock Market declined at the start of year. But, now ^DJI had walked out of that shadow; completed a double bottom. The index is now above moving average. Can it complete a bigger double bottom? Will see. […]

Standard and Poor’s 500 | ^GSPC | Moses US Stock Analysis

March 12, 2016 Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Moses Stock Analysis. To Complete Double Bottom Standard and Poor’s 500, S&P 500   In our last analysis, we saw Dow Jones Industrial Average is in the mode of changing direction; double bottom. See previous posting for details. If you zoom out, said twelve months data at S&P 500 chart, […]

To Touch the Peak of Last Twelve Months | True or True | Golden Agri Resources

March 11, 2016 Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Moses Stock Analysis.  Few More Cents Touch the Peak of Last Twelve Months Last week, we looked at Golden Agri Resources stock. From the MACD signal we got a cue that price action may change direction. MACD is a leading indicator; it provides you with some hints. Picture worth a thousand […]

Standard and Poor’s | ^GSPC | Moses US Stock Analysis

March 6, 2016   Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Moses Stock Analysis. Completed Double Bottom S&P 500 In our recent analysis, we saw Dow Jones Industrial Average is in the mode of changing direction; double bottom. See previous posting for details. If you will look at the S&P 500 chart, it had made the double bottom. Picture […]

Double Bottom | Dow Jones Industrial Average | Moses US Stock Analysis

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Moses Stock Analysis Column. Break the Neckline on Double Bottom? Dow Jones Industrial Average has been on a declining right at the start of 2016. However, it has into a double bottom chart pattern since then. Can DJI break the neckline for the double bottom? Will see.   Will it depending on China […]

NOL | Neptune Orient Lines Limited Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com.   Quality Stocks Trading you want to go with quality stocks, and not quantity! What is the definition of quality stocks? First you want to answer why you trade? Because you want to make money, right? So, the answer is obvious, stacks that make money is quality stocks. So, it is the […]

M1 Limited Stock Analysis | Moses Stocks Scan

Welcome to AmiBroker Academy.com.   M1 Limited B2F Stock Chart worth a thousand words. Double Bottom? Not Yet, only when the price action moves north and crosses the neckline. Otherwise, it will consider as a fail double bottom. Okay?                                 […]

Caterpillar Inc Stocks Analysis | CAT | Moses’ US Stocks Scan

Welcome AmiBrokerAcademy.com.   Caterpillar Inc CAT Stock price has test and retest the same low, formed a double bottom. We see a pole a pennant, can the bullish chart pattern be completed, become bullish pennant chart pattern? Will see.                                 […]

Golden Agri Resources Stock Analysis | E5H | Moses’ Singapore Stock Scan

Welcome AmiBroker Academy.com.   Golden Agri-Resources Ltd   E5H During the Great Recession in 2008 and 2009, Golden Agri Resources has crashed to the low near 2009, there after the stock price has bounced up and retest the high, see chart for details.                         […]

Applied Materials Stock Analysis | AMAT | US Stocks Analysis

Welcome to AmiBroker Academy.com.   Applied Materials Stock Analysis and Scan In the last analysis, we see that the trend is bearish bias. The price action was caught in the River. From the current chart, we see the price has been rejected by River. There is potential to complete the double bottom. The price action […]

Singapore Stocks Scan | StarHub Ltd Stock Analysis

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com. Thank you for visiting the website hope you find the discussion interesting. Have fun!   StarHub Ltd, Stock Code is CC3 StarHub retest the significant level for five times, the price action got supported by the same level. However, the price is below 20 MA, 50 MA and 100 MA see the […]

Singapore Stocks Scan | Indofood Agri Analysis

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com Thanks for reading the post here. Indofood Agri is one of the popular traded stock few years back. In trading either you buy or sell, as the price either travel north or travel south. The reason you buy or sell is because you see the chart pattern provide you the supporting information […]

Golden Agri-Resources Ltd | E5H | Singapore Stock Analysis

  Golden Agri-Resources Ltd Stock Analysis Nearly a year ago, the price was at the high at 62 cents. The price retested the high again. The price got rejected by the resistance, since then the price has slopping down and travel south. Now, the price seems to get supported. The price action has formed double […]