January 2017
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Apple News | Apple Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

January 8, 2017   Gazing Crystal Ball and Planing the 2017 Trade “Almost since the birth of Apple Inc., critics have declared it was headed in the wrong direction.” read news from The Wall Street Journal Why Apple’s Critics Are Right This Time for details. “… In 1997, when the company was 90 days from bankruptcy […]

AAPL | Apple Inc Stock on November 10 Performance

November 10, 2016   While index is going higher, but Apple Inc stock is going low. Why?   Apple Inc Daily                                 Have fun! Moses US Stock Desk AmiBrokerAcademy.com Disclaimer: All information, data and material contained, presented, or provided on […]

AAPL | Apple Inc Stock Analysis | Begin the Reversal

November 8, 2016   Picture Worth a Thousand Words – US Presidential Election Series     Apple Inc Stock Chart | AAPL                             Have fun! Moses US Stock Desk AmiBrokerAcademy.com Disclaimer: All information, data and material contained, presented, or provided on amibrokeracademy.com […]

AAPL | Apple Inc Stock Analysis before November 8

November 2, 2016   Picture Worth a Thousand Words AAPL | Apple Inc Stock Analysis Continue from the last analysis, may be a possible support has established. Will see. Bears are still very strong; the bears let the bulls run with a long tail.     Have fun! Moses US Stock Desk AmiBrokerAcademy.com  Disclaimer: The discussion […]

AAPL | Reversal | Apple Inc Stock Analysis | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

November 2, 2016   AAPL | Apple Inc Daily and 34 EMA Wave The week started with a gap down and doji bar. The bear ran in on the next day. It is a strong bear, but the bull never give up. The bull left a long tail. Price is now cross the wave and […]

AAPL | Apple Inc Stock Analysis | Moses Stock Column

November 1, 2016     Don’t Say We Did Warn You   Either you take profit and stay aside and watch or prepare yourself to ride the US’ roller coaster for the next thirty days. So, have fun!   The chart will be somewhat interesting for the next thirty days, worldwide. Starting from the US […]

Benchmark Comparison | Volatility Index and ^DJI, ^DJT and Apple Inc

23 October 2016 One of the feature of AmiBroker is you can compare number of stocks or indexes. The following is just to compare VIX with ^DJT, ^DJI and Apple Inc.   US Volatility Index ad Dow Jones Transporation Average Comparison           US Volatility Index ad Dow Jones Industrial Average Comparison US […]

Wave MACD and AAPL | Apple Inc Stock Analysis | Moses US Stock Desk

22 October 2016   Finally, Samsung has agreed to recall the 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 after number of reports. However, Galaxy Note 7 is not the first phone to catch fire. Since 2004, there is report on phone battery explosions. In 2009, Nokia recalled 46 million phone batteries. Read story here, Note 7’s Death Leaves […]

Wave and AAPL | Apple Inc Stock Analysis | AmiBroker Academy.com

21 October 2016   Wave and AAPL Apple Inc Daily The week is still have one more day to go, can the price still high above the brown line. Will see. There is always a reason, the price create a long tail (scientifically but emotions). It is very uncomfortable for those that rush in and […]

Wave | Apple Inc AAPL Three and Six Months Data | Moses Stock Desk

19 October 2016   AAPL Apple Inc Six Months Data and Wave Daily         AAPL Apple Inc Three Months Data and Wave Daily If price action can not break out the last high, is bearish. The wave is point between twelve and two o’clock. It is bullish bias. Have fun! Moses US Stock […]

Apple Inc MACD Cross-Up October 10, 2016 | Moses US Stock Desk

11 October 2016   Apple Inc MACD Cross-Up Signal The following is an example on MACD Cross-Up Signal. See chart for details. What can you do when you see a bullish MACD signal, MACD Cross-Up Signal? There a few ways you can trade. One do nothing just let the signal pass. Two, jump in a […]

Bull or Bear | Bears Try to Get the Bulls Out | Apple Inc | US Stock

October 8, 2016 Picture Worth a Thousand Words Apple Inc, AAPL Daily Charting What is your tick here? Buy? Or sell? You can see on chart that the bears are trying very hard to push out all the bears.                           Have fun! Moses […]

Bullish | Bearish | Buy High Sell Higher | Apple Inc Stock Analysis

9 October 2016   Trade Breakout or Trade Retracement Some traders like to trade breakout, but professionals (I am told) only trade retracement. The professional trader will let the price to breakout first and patiently wait for the price to pullback to retest the breakout level. So, professional will always to buy low and sell […]

Have You Improve Your Wealth From iPhone Launch? | Apple Stock Analysis

September 22, 2016   It is still too early to know how far your wealth can be enhanced by iPhone 7. Hope you did not take a loan from a bank to buy Apple stock to anticipate you can ride the wave with Apple or more correctly iPhone. In a hope this will cover the cost […]

Bullish or Bearish | Apple Stock Analysis After Launch | Moses US Stock Analysis

September 21, 2016 Practice! Practice! Practice! Can you spot the Support and Resistance? Every trader will see the S&R differently, all trader see chart in different timeframe.  As there isn’t a Right or Wrong way, this is my way. Trading is very personal. We could be out of the same school undergo training from the […]