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September 11, 2016


What Will Happen When Market Open on Monday?

Next week is going to be very important. Should the markets open gapped down on Monday, September 12 and continue the momentum to go lower; this is going to be a big pull back.

Watch Out!


Second Biggest Single Day Slide After June 24 Brexit Chaos.

Read story by Bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-09-09/u-s-futures-little-changed-with-s-p-500-stuck-in-two-month-lullU.S. Stocks Slide the Most Since Brexit Amid Rate Speculation.


Picture worth a thousand words, see the chart for details.


Great Surprise! True or True?

What a great day for many traders. Many have been happily riding the wave, moving averages. September 9 will have a great impact to many, what a day!

But MACD has been giving clue on the end of trend is near. Have you noticed the signal. Do not play play (Singlish, means take thing lightly) with MACD signal. MACD is a leading indicator on trend changing. Have fun!


No Surprise?!

The break down should not have been a great surprise to anyone using technical analysis and  pattern recognition. There were divergences occur.


S&P 500 Charting

September 9, 2016 S&P 500

September 9, 2016 S&P 500














Just Thinking Out Loud

Market always have excitement from the expert, they have great understand of wealth, and global wealth. They always want to prove they have a in depth appreciation of country and global economy. In fact, they have no time to walk the ‘market’ to help their love one to cook a great dinner. Otherwise, they will probably have a greater understand of money, when they to shop their own grocery. This is how the people felt the expert are live on a different planet. Ha ha. Till one day, they lost their job and has to do everything by themself. … Will see!


Moses Stock Analysis


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