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MACD | Free One-day US Stock MACD Screening Signals for 11 December 2017 | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

December 12, 2017

Free One-day US Stock MACD Screening Signals for 11 December 2017

Remember all setup can fail. This is true for all indicators. It is also true for MACD signals setup. See some of the MACD setup fail examples on this website. 


The following results are from AmiBroker AFL. AmiBroker is a powerful charting software.

December 11, 2017 One-day US Stock MACD Scan

The Following are December 11, 2017 US Stock MACD Scan Signals

The following are script generated signals using the Powerful AmiBroker AFL. AmiBroker is a powerful charting software. The results here are not meant to be used for buy or sell decisions. We do not vouch for their accuracy; depending of the author trading rules. They are meant to demonstrate the powerful Amibroker charting software functionality.

NOT all scan results are shown here.

Ticker Company Date Trend Close Vol.(K) Screening Result
AABA Altaba Inc. 11/12/2017 Bullish 71.53 7359 MACD Cross-Up Signal
AAPL Apple Inc. 11/12/2017 Bullish 172.67 35274 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine
ACWI iShares MSCI ACWI Index Fund 11/12/2017 Bullish 71.88 5803 MACD Cross-Up Signal
BLUE bluebird bio, Inc. 11/12/2017 Bullish 201.8 5129 MACD Cross-Up Signal
CELG Celgene Corporation 11/12/2017 Bullish 108 8269 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine
EXC Exelon Corporation 11/12/2017 Bullish 41.92 8717 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine
GILD Gilead Sciences, Inc. 11/12/2017 Bullish 75.88 9180 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine
JD JD.com, Inc. 11/12/2017 Bullish 38.46 9115 MACD Cross-Up Signal
JNK SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond 11/12/2017 Bullish 36.78 5613 MACD Cross-Up Signal
MSFT Microsoft Corporation 11/12/2017 Bullish 85.23 22858 MACD Cross-Up Signal
NKE Nike, Inc. 11/12/2017 Bullish 61.91 9018 MACD Cross-Up Signal
ORCL Oracle Corporation 11/12/2017 Bullish 50.47 15853 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine
PFE Pfizer, Inc. 11/12/2017 Bullish 36.21 14363 MACD Cross-Up Signal
SLB Schlumberger N.V. 11/12/2017 Bullish 64.56 11703 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine
TAL TAL Education Group 11/12/2017 Bullish 30.32 6227 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine
TSLA Tesla, Inc. 11/12/2017 Bullish 328.91 7938 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine
TXN Texas Instruments Incorporated 11/12/2017 Bullish 98.83 5579 MACD Cross-Up Signal
BAC Bank of America Corporation 11/12/2017 Bearish 28.94 54002 MACD -ve Divergence
JUNO Juno Therapeutics, Inc. 11/12/2017 Bearish 50.24 6903 MACD Cross-Down ZeroLine
ONCE Spark Therapeutics, Inc. 11/12/2017 Bearish 47.72 14765 MACD Cross-Down Signal
TJX TJX Companies, Inc. (The) 11/12/2017 Bearish 73.3 6002 MACD Cross-Down Signal






Users must understand what MACD is all about before using the results.

Have fun!





Moses US Stock MACD Screening Signals

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The above result is for illustration purpose. It is not meant to be used for buy or sell decision. We do not recommend any particular stocks. If particular stocks of such are mentioned, they are meant as demonstration of Amibroker as a powerful charting software and MACD. Amibroker can program to scan the stocks for buy and sell signals.

These are script generated signals. Not all scan results are shown here. The MACD signal should use with price action. Users must understand what MACD and price action are all about before using them. If necessary you should attend a course to learn more on Technical Analysis (TA) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence, MACD.

Once again, the website does not guarantee any results or investment return based on the information and instruction you have read here. It should be used as learning aids only and if you decide to trade real money, all trading decision should be your own.