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Lesson | What is MACD Scan | AmiBrokerAcademy.com



What is MACD Scan?

MACD Scan searches our entire US Stocks database of seven thousands plus ticker symbols or Singapore stocks database of less than thousand ticker symbols and return only those symbols that meet your exact technical criteria. They are also sometimes referred to as “MACD Technical Screens” or “MACD Technical Filters.” At AmiBrokerAcademy.com, we also sometimes call this feature our “Screening Engine.”

A Technical Scan can consist of one or more technical expressions (i.e., signals). These expressions are joined together with logical “ANDs” and/or “ORs” to form more complex expressions. Ultimately these expressions are tested against every single ticker symbol in the database to find ticker symbols that meet that criteria.

In AmiBrokerAcademy.com we only test for MACD signals that meet the following criteria.

  1. MACD line crosses above MACD signal – Bullish trend
  2. MACD line crosses above zero line – Bullish trend
  3. MACD Histogram +ve Divergence – Bullish trend
  4. MACD line crosses below MACD signal – Bearish trend
  5. MACD line crosses below zero line – Bearish trend
  6. MACD Histogram -ve Divergence – Bearish trend

For US Stocks

  1. 10 dollars to 50 dollars and have 1000000 shares changed hands.
  2. 51 dollars to 250 dollars and have 1000000 shares changed hands

For Singapore Stocks

  1. 35 cents and have 500000 shares changed hands



The intend of MACD scan is to automate the manual effort in studying very chart to determine whether the ticker has any MACD signal.  As the time taken to scan the seven thousands plus stocks database only need less then ten minutes.


Stock Analysis

There is no right no wrong in stock analysis. We analysis and see the stock the way we learn how to analysis chart. And we strongly believe that all set up may fail. The stock trading is really a probability. Without our analysis, just simply buy or sell, you also have fifty percent chance of winning. We just help you to see the chart in another way. Hope it helps. Have fun!


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