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Free US Stock One-day MACD Screening Results for 9 October 2017 | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

October 16, 2017

Free US Stock MACD Screening Results for 9 October 2017

Remember all setup can fail. This is true for all indicators. It is also true for MACD signals setup. See some of the MACD setup fail examples on this website. 

October 9, 2017 US Stock MACD Signal for One-day

The Following are October 9, 2017 US Stock MACD Scan Signals

The following are script generated signals using the Powerful AmiBroker AFL. AmiBroker is a powerful charting software. The results here are not meant to be used for buy or sell decisions. We do not vouch for their accuracy; depending of the author trading rules. They are meant to demonstrate the powerful Amibroker charting software functionality.

NOT all scan results are shown here.

Ticker Company Date Trend Close Vol.(K) Screening Result
NVDA NVIDIA Corporation 9/10/2017 Bullish 185.39 14010 MACD Cross-Up Signal
WMT Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 9/10/2017 Bullish 80.53 13220 MACD Cross-Up Signal
YUMC Yum China Holdings, Inc. 9/10/2017 Bullish 42.99 5157 MACD Cross-Up Signal
AXTA Axalta Coating Systems Ltd. 9/10/2017 Bearish 29.68 6316 MACD-H -ve Divergence
COST Costco Wholesale Corporation 9/10/2017 Bearish 154.61 7024 MACD Cross-Down ZeroLine
DVA DaVita Inc. 9/10/2017 Bearish 53.89 5941 MACD Cross-Down Signal
ESRX Express Scripts Holding Company 9/10/2017 Bearish 59.22 6374 MACD Cross-Down ZeroLine
GE General Electric Company 9/10/2017 Bearish 23.43 139825 MACD Cross-Down ZeroLine
HPQ HP Inc. 9/10/2017 Bearish 20.57 5582 MACD-H -ve Divergence
JNPR Juniper Networks, Inc. 9/10/2017 Bearish 27.32 8477 MACD Cross-Down Signal
NKE Nike, Inc. 9/10/2017 Bearish 51.52 6865 MACD Cross-Down Signal
QQQ PowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1 9/10/2017 Bearish 147.49 13684 MACD-H -ve Divergence
QVCA Liberty Interactive Corporation 9/10/2017 Bearish 22.35 6421 MACD Cross-Down ZeroLine
RICE Rice Energy Inc. 9/10/2017 Bearish 27.37 7848 MACD Cross-Down ZeroLine
VIAB Viacom Inc. 9/10/2017 Bearish 25.42 10190 MACD Cross-Down Signal
WFC Wells Fargo & Company 9/10/2017 Bearish 55.14 11265 MACD Cross-Down Signal


Users must understand what MACD is all about before using the results.

Have fun!

Moses US Stock MACD Screening Signals

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The above result is for illustration purpose. It is not meant to be used for buy or sell decision. We do not recommend any particular stocks. If particular stocks of such are mentioned, they are meant as demonstration of Amibroker as a powerful charting software and MACD. Amibroker can program to scan the stocks for buy and sell signals.

These are script generated signals. Not all scan results are shown here. The MACD signal should use with price action. Users must understand what MACD and price action are all about before using them. If necessary you should attend a course to learn more on Technical Analysis (TA) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence, MACD.

Once again, the website does not guarantee any results or investment return based on the information and instruction you have read here. It should be used as learning aids only and if you decide to trade real money, all trading decision should be your own.