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Free One-day US Stock MACD Screening Signals for 9 January 2018 | AmiBrokerAcademy.com

January 12, 2017


Free One-day US Stock MACD Screening Signals for 9 January 2018

Remember all setup can fail. This is true for all indicators. It is also true for MACD signals setup. See some of the MACD setup fail examples on this website. 


The following results are from AmiBroker AFL. AmiBroker is a powerful charting software.

January 9, 2018 US Stock One-day MACD Screening Signals

The Following are January 9, 2018 US Stock MACD Scan Signals

The following are script generated signals using the Powerful AmiBroker AFL. AmiBroker is a powerful charting software. The results here are not meant to be used for buy or sell decisions. We do not vouch for their accuracy; depending of the author trading rules. They are meant to demonstrate the powerful Amibroker charting software functionality.

NOT all scan results are shown here.


Ticker Company Date Signals Close Vol.(K) Screening Result
BSX Boston Scientific Corporation 9/1/2018 Bullish 27.96 24988 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine 
TGT Target Corporation 9/1/2018 Bullish 69.14 18161 MACD Cross-Up Signal
ORCL Oracle Corporation 9/1/2018 Bullish 49.06 14154 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine 
ESRX Express Scripts Holding Company 9/1/2018 Bullish 79.91 6905 MACD Cross-Up Signal
UNP Union Pacific Corporation 9/1/2018 Bullish 141 6391 MACD Cross-Up Signal
NKTR Nektar Therapeutics 9/1/2018 Bullish 68.03 5987 MACD Cross-Up Signal
TMUS T-Mobile US, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bullish 65.6 5334 MACD Cross-Up Signal
NLSN Nielsen N.V. 9/1/2018 Bullish 36.33 4841 MACD Cross-Up Signal
MET MetLife, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bullish 52.36 4536 MACD Cross-Up ZeroLine 
VOYA Voya Financial, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bullish 52.99 4390 MACD Cross-Up Signal
FITB Fifth Third Bancorp 9/1/2018 Bullish 31.25 4364 MACD Cross-Up Signal
DE Deere & Company 9/1/2018 Bullish 165.6 4345 MACD Cross-Up Signal
ALLY Ally Financial Inc. 9/1/2018 Bullish 30.38 3682 MACD Cross-Up Signal
MNST Monster Beverage Corporation 9/1/2018 Bullish 65.48 3473 MACD Cross-Up Signal
CCL Carnival Corporation 9/1/2018 Bullish 67.63 3470 MACD Cross-Up Signal
MAS Masco Corporation 9/1/2018 Bullish 45.43 3413 MACD Cross-Up Signal
HON Honeywell International Inc. 9/1/2018 Bullish 156.01 3392 MACD Cross-Up Signal
QVCA Liberty Interactive Corporation 9/1/2018 Bullish 26.21 3152 MACD Cross-Up Signal
CSCO Cisco Systems, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 39.69 21450 MACD-H -ve Divergence
MSFT Microsoft Corporation 9/1/2018 Bearish 88.22 19484 MACD-H -ve Divergence
X United States Steel Corporation 9/1/2018 Bearish 38.41 11219 MACD-H -ve Divergence
WMT Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 100.39 7313 MACD-H -ve Divergence
ROKU Roku, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 44.73 7245 MACD Cross-Down ZeroLine
OSTK Overstock.com, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 81.15 6326 MACD-H -ve Divergence
EBAY eBay Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 39.53 6216 MACD-H -ve Divergence
FOXA Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 36.54 6216 MACD Cross-Down Signal
IEF iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF 9/1/2018 Bearish 104.6 5924 MACD Cross-Down Signal
AYI Acuity Brands Inc 9/1/2018 Bearish 157.95 5310 MACD Cross-Down Signal
EXAS Exact Sciences Corporation 9/1/2018 Bearish 52.47 5028 MACD Cross-Down Signal
LEN Lennar Corporation 9/1/2018 Bearish 66.67 4945 MACD -ve Divergence
DKS Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc 9/1/2018 Bearish 29.96 4770 MACD-H -ve Divergence
SYMC Symantec Corporation 9/1/2018 Bearish 29.01 4581 MACD-H -ve Divergence
PE Parsley Energy, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 30.15 4343 MACD Cross-Down Signal
MOS Mosaic Company (The) 9/1/2018 Bearish 26.11 3922 MACD Cross-Down Signal
VLO Valero Energy Corporation 9/1/2018 Bearish 94.1 3885 MACD Cross-Down Signal
XIV VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term ETN 9/1/2018 Bearish 142.5 3723 MACD-H -ve Divergence
AA Alcoa Corporation 9/1/2018 Bearish 54.2 3533 MACD Cross-Down Signal
DHI D.R. Horton, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 52.83 3474 MACD-H -ve Divergence
CARS Cars.com Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 31.24 3382 MACD-H -ve Divergence
NTNX Nutanix, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 37.28 3264 MACD-H -ve Divergence
K Kellogg Company 9/1/2018 Bearish 68.78 3051 MACD-H -ve Divergence
AAOI Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. 9/1/2018 Bearish 35.54 3015 MACD Cross-Down Signal



Users must understand what MACD is all about before using the results.

Have fun!





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The above result is for illustration purpose. It is not meant to be used for buy or sell decision. We do not recommend any particular stocks. If particular stocks of such are mentioned, they are meant as demonstration of Amibroker as a powerful charting software and MACD. Amibroker can program to scan the stocks for buy and sell signals.

These are script generated signals. Not all scan results are shown here. The MACD signal should use with price action. Users must understand what MACD and price action are all about before using them. If necessary you should attend a course to learn more on Technical Analysis (TA) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence, MACD.

Once again, the website does not guarantee any results or investment return based on the information and instruction you have read here. It should be used as learning aids only and if you decide to trade real money, all trading decision should be your own.