February 2018
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Facebook Inc Stock Analysis

Welcome to AmiBrokerAcademy.com. Facebook Inc Stock Analysis Picture worth a thousand words, AB=CD. PA is side way.                             You can read about other stocks scan and analysis here. Hope these analysis can value add your trading strategy. Moses US Stocks Scan Disclaimer: All information, data and […]

October 19 to 23 | Singapore Stocks Weekly MACD Scan Results

Welcome to AmiBrokeracademy.com. AmiBroker Formula Language AFL is a programming language allow you to program you trading strategy to screen the market. The amibrokeracademy.com provides free Singapore stock MACD indicator screener. The MACD indicator screener uses the AmiBroker powerful charting software’s AmiBroker Formula Language. For October 19 to 23 Singapore Stocks Weekly MACD Scan Results MACD stands for […]

Which Way STI Is Heading Tomorrow?

Which way the market is heading tomorrow? STI is Up or down? Does anyone know? For Chartist, the chart tells a story. The volatility is here to stay and is probably going to increase. The market is ranging. The market has become choppy. One day the market bearish from Europe economy the next day the […]

Stop-Loss Strategy

Stop Loss Strategy – learn manage risk to protect your capital. Stop-loss strategy is very important in trading. Before you start any trade to buy or to sell such as stocks, futures, options, commodities and forex, decide where your stop loss is. Don’t focus on how much you will win, but how much you can […]


Trader·ology: noun, a branch to study Trader thought process, Trading knowledge, or Trading Strategy. Hopefully the reader can benefit from the articles that archived here. ol·o·gy: noun /ˈäləjē/ ologies, plural, means a subject of study; a branch of knowledge. Law of attraction, the rich attract the rich,  the success attract the success. So, if we study […]