February 2018
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Our Vision

Mastery of trading using technical analysis does not come overnight. To succeed you need a reliable companion – a powerful yet flexible and cost-effective tool that able to grow with you in your challenging trading journey. It is just like a warrior and his sword. In order for him to outperform his opponent he needs a reliable and trusted partner – a sword, a good sword besides his excellence skills and intelligent. For you, to enhance your trading experience, and apply your good technical analysis skills, you can’t go without a software tool like AmiBroker.

AmiBroker is a reliable, powerful, flexible yet low cost tool.

Our objective is to share our AmiBroker experience. We put together a package that allows you to jump start AmiBroker and start taking advantage of the tool. The package comes with one copy of AmiBroker professional license, one copy of EOD (End of Day) Singapore stock data (adjusted), one lesson on installation and data integration for Singapore stock and others.

Next, we plan to grow the user community here. We are AmiBroker enthusiasts. We have intention to add more modules to explore AmiBroker further; to grow the user community knowledge and experience with AmiBroker. Check this website often for the upcoming programmes.

Wishing you every success in your trading, investment and good health.