November 2017
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PCLN The Priceline Group | ABCD Pattern |

November 11, 2017         PCLN The Priceline Group and ABCD Pattern Picture worth a thousand words, see chart. Price close below the last low. From a ABCD pattern, the bar fulfill the ABCD pattern. What a coincident, right? Don’t play play (Singlish, Singapore English, means do not fool around.)      Important […]

Important of Charting Software | AmiBroker | Free Stock Analysis | China Life Charting |

November 11, 2017   Important of Charting Software This is another way to look at the same chart. With a charting tool like AmiBroker, you can easily zoom in and out and even keeping up to eight different sheets for study that you view any time. Down a trial version of the software for better […]

Free Stock Analysis | MACD Breakout | 601628.SS 中国人寿 China Life |

November 10, 2017   601628.SS 中国人寿 China Life and MACD Breakout Here, when you can not figure out what MACD Divergence or others, you can try using it just like the price action. Look out for breakout, MACD signal breakout. If you can find any correlation between the price action and MACD signals, use them. […]

Correlation | Ford and Tesla Motors |

November 9, 2017   Sri Lanka aims for non-fossil fuel vehicle fleet by 2040  read more from the link.   Is there a commercial solar powered airplane or cargo ship so far? I don’t know. Correlation Let check another correlation example, using ford and tesla motors. Let’s see what can you we get out if […]